Shared Journeys Dog Training
Shared Journeys Dog Training

Ally Part 2

Here is the "after" video of a relaxed Ally. Please watch the first video of Ally in the video section. Her new owners have followed the relaxation techniques and you can see the results!


My Mission/Philosophy

My Mission is to guide you using a holistic approach that involves formal training, confidence building, and emotional development to ensure a successful, safe and enjoyable life journey with their dog. I believe this approach teaches your dog to make the right decisions, relax naturally and be a welcomed member of the family.  I am committed to providing you and your dog a personalized experience that focuses on your needs. 


What obstacles are in your path?

  Does your puppy or dog struggle with... 

* basic commands?

* advanced commands? 

* behavioral issues? 

Or your four legged friend need a manners refresher?

Do you or your family need or struggle with...

* time availability?

* transportation?

* location?

I can help you.


Select the path from the services page to begin a journey designed for your unique needs. To start, simply send me an email so I can schedule your free 30 minute session with you and your dog to discuss your goals

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