Shared Journeys Dog Training

Zoey pulling her owner on a walk!

This is the video the owner sent me asking for help.  Check back soon for the follow up appointment

Zoey's Progress!

Loose leash walking! Owner and Zoey have a much better time on a walk now. 

Ally's Struggles

Ally struggles with anxious, nervous behavior. She would not settle if she was out of her crate. Also, the owner is unsure of the way to handle her behavior by giving negative responses and many commands to Ally. 

I am teaching the owners calming techniques which will replace Ally’s anxious, nervous behavior. Forcing a dog to sit or down might change a behavior. But this will not change her perception of what causes her unwanted behavior. Perception Modification will replace the unwanted behavior to calm natural behavior.   

Anxious Arctic

Arctic struggles with anxious, nervous behavior. She barks constantly. Arctic also does not like certain floor surfaces. When Arctic is really "over the top" will back his way through doorways. This is a short video from session 1.